Managed Backup Services

In the dynamic and evolving digital landscape, securing your data with reliable backup solutions has become more critical than ever. We are excited to introduce our Managed Backup Service, a comprehensive and scalable solution that promises not only safe data storage but also a peace of mind that your information is handled professionally and with utmost confidentiality.

Flexible Pricing Structure

We offer a flexible pricing structure that accommodates varying data volumes, allowing you to pay only for the storage you use. Our pricing tiers are as follows:

For substantial data volumes, we are open to discussing a personalized approach to meet your specific needs.

Service Inclusions

When you opt for our service, you can expect the following features and benefits:

DXM Script Deployment on the client's server, scheduled at your convenience.

Remote ZFS Storage with snapshot capabilities, offering customizable data rotation and retention periods as per your requirements.

DXM Monitoring to oversee the smooth operation of the backup processes.

Data Restoration handled by our technical support team upon request through our ticketing system.

Whitelabel Managed Backups for on-demand restoration by end clients – a feature we can discuss further based on your preference.

Data Restoration handled by our technical support team upon request through our ticketing system.

Managed Other Backup Systems – We are equipped to manage other backup systems as well. The overall service cost will be influenced by the chosen software, managing systems, and storage servers.

Should our managed backup solution pique your interest, we are ready and eager to delve deeper into discussions to align our offerings with your expectations. We firmly believe that our collaboration will pave the way for a secure and robust data management framework, fostering growth and stability in your business operations.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you. Please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience to further explore this opportunity.